THE             APP 1.0 HAS ARRIVED!


Welcome to the RUNBeta iOS Group


The wait is over, The RUN App is finally here!


Below you will find the link to access the app, but first…


We want to thank you for your help in testing the app.  We are looking forward to getting your feedback.


As part of the RUNBeta iOS Group you get the opportunity to- 


  • Experience The RUN App before the rest of the world.

  • Get a head start in earning points and building up your Player Score.

  • Provide feedback that will help shape the future of The RUN App experience. 

  • Qualify to receive exclusive deals and products from some of the best brands. 


Before you download the app here’s a short to do list-


*If possible, have someone record your reaction while exploring the app for the first time and email it to us at  Best and realest reactions will be posted on our social media page and entered to win a free pair of Reebok Question Mids.  Please include your name, instagram handle & shoe size in the email.


  1. Create a player profile.

  2. Go through the brief App Tutorial.

  3. Invite ONLY 4 friends/teammates to the App. (2 points ea.)

  4. If your nearest playground isn’t already in the app, add it. (5 points)

  5. Message one of your friends and/or start a group convo with the 4 friends you invited. 

  6. Find the News section and click on one headline, then return to the app. 

  7. Find the RUN TV section and watch a few seconds of one video, then return to the app. 

  8. Post a basketball related picture or video on your page.

  9. Send a friend request to at least one person you don’t know. (1 point)

  10. Send feedback about your experience testing the app and your first impressions of the app to info@runhoops and qualify for a $50 eGift card from our partners at Under Armour. 


Here are some RUN Tips to keep in mind!


  • In many ways, this is a friendly competition! Treat it as such.  But.. ALWAYS use good sportsmanship, on the court and in the app!


  • Earning Badges will not be easy! With every new level of each badge, more nominations will be required.  Hang in there, your hard work will pay off!


  • SHOW LOVE-  You earn by receiving Props and Badge Nominations and also giving them.  Give respect where respect is deserved.  The RUN App is a            NO HATING zone.


  • “Ain’t no fun if your homies aren’t having some!” The app is much more enjoyable with a growing community, so once we give the ok, SPREAD THE WORD!